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Pioneering and experience in electric vehicle armouring

In line with our values and the environmental commitments of the automotive sector, CARBON is proud to be the first company in the world to provide armouring to a Tesla Model S in 2016. Since then, we have followed the growth of this segment and have become specialists in armouring electric and hybrid vehicles with specific projects for each brand and model, factory warranty and seeking to maintain the original characteristics of the vehicles as much as possible.

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Our Assistance is present throughout the national territory, handling all cases related to armouring and offering different automotive services that contribute to your safety and vehicle maintenance.

Learn more about the armouring process

Armouring is divided into 5 main stages. Here's what they consist of and the importance of each one.


CARBON receives the vehicle, collects the necessary documentation and signatures for the armouring contract and the Armouring Authorization request. The time taken for this stage may vary depending on the availability of the documents.

Armour Authorization

Once all the documentation and signatures are in hand, CARBON applies for the Armouring Authorization, a mandatory document issued by the Brazilian Army. The process of armouring depends on this document to begin, which is why the delivery time for the armoured vehicle starts counting from the moment it is issued.


Armouring begins with the careful disassembly of the vehicle. The aramid fiber plates are then applied with Kevlar® laser-cut aramid fiber plates combined with ballistic steel plates and/or UHMWPE Tensylon™️ polyethylene plates. Then the certified glass is installed, according to the armour contracted. The vehicle is then assembled and the electronic modules and sensors are configured. Finally, a detailed inspection is carried out to ensure the quality of the armour.

Armour Declaration

Before the vehicle is handed over to its owner, the Armour Declaration must be issued. The document concludes the Armouring Authorization process by the Brazilian Army and releases the vehicle for updating the DETRAN registration.


After all stages have been completed and the inspections carried out, the armoured vehicle is released and delivered to its owner, following Brazilian laws and meeting the quality and safety standards required by the automotive manufacturers.