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We are proud to be the largest civilian Vehicle armouring company in the world. Chosen by Volvo to be the only armouring company with global homologation and certified by Jaguar, Land Rover, Toyota, BYD, GWM and GM, we were also the first to armour an electric car in 2016, a Tesla. To the present day, CARBON produced more than 18,000 armoured vehicles with a record production of almost 4,000 vehicles in 2022, the equivalent to almost 20% of armoured cars in Brazil. We operate with an infrastructure of 40,000 square meters which consists of an armouring factory, a technical assistance center, two glass factories and a team of almost 1,000 people whose talents, specialties and skills contribute to our company’s purpose: protecting lives, dreams and achievements.

Our customer service and assistance is provided by our technicians, consultants and partners throughout the country.

As Volvo’s official global armouring company our production goes beyond the Brazilian market to exporting vehicles to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Latin America with attested efficiency, certified materials and proven safety by international organizations.


Protecting lives, dreams and achievements.


We are the largest civilian vehicle armouring company in the world, passionate about life and everything that comes with it. We combine technological innovation with the best materials, the talent and experience of our specialists to ensure the highest ballistic protection, pursuing to preserve the original characteristics of the vehicle, exceeding the expectations of automotive manufacturers and the most demanding consumers.


Protecting people's lives, well-being and physical integrity, wherever they choose to go.


To be the largest civilian vehicle armouring company in the world, recognized for the ballistic safety of our products, the quality of our services and the reliability of our support and relationships.


Life comes first

We are passionate about life. It offers us endless possibilities to grow, evolve and make our dreams come true. That's why we make sure that people enjoy life to the fullest, with joy, passion, security and pleasure.


We are demanding. That's what drives us to strive for excellence in everything we do: from the choice of raw materials to the best professionals on the market. This is how we develop and deliver products and services of the highest quality, which provide maximum protection without compromising on performance, design, comfort and beauty.

High performance

We are competitive. Being the largest armouring company in the world is a responsibility that fills us with pride, but we also work as hard to be the best and the most agile. The obsession with increasingly better results is part of our DNA.


We are guided by ethics, honesty, transparency and respect. We honor our commitments to customers, employees, manufacturers and suppliers because we know that just as important as getting there quickly, is getting there together. We want to be chosen by reason and, naturally, by people's hearts.


We understand that protection, safety and well-being must go beyond an armoured vehicle. That's why we are committed not only to protecting our customers, but also the environment and the communities in which we operate. Our production and operation practices are carefully planned to minimize environmental impact, to promote diversity and inclusion in our workplace as well as support social initiatives that make the world a better place for everyone.

See why we are the largest civilian vehicle armouring company in the world

We have a solid and robust infrastructure, planned and prepared to meet the requirements of the world's leading automotive manufacturers, including those that have already approved and certified our armour.

We are headquartered in São Paulo, in the municipality of Barueri, with a physical structure of 40,000m2, which includes: Armour Factory, Technical Assistance and Glass Factory. But we have a broad nationwide presence through our partners and a team of almost 1,000 people.

CARBON is certified by ISO 9001:2015, which ensures the company compliance with Quality Management System (QMS) requirements in our processes and business.

We have delivered more than 18.000 vehicles since our foundation in 2015, and will reach the mark of 3,800-vehicle/year in 2021.

We operate through production lines controlled by a digital management system and teams specialized in each stage of the armouring process, which ensures greater precision and agility throughout the whole process and deliveries. Furthermore, before the armouring is completed, each vehicle is submitted to a functional and aesthetic audit to guarantee that the automotive manufacturers' quality requirements have been fulfilled.

We offer high production capacity for armouring and continuously investments in our sustainable expansion to keep up with the growing demand from the domestic and international markets.

Engineering and Innovation

Our Process Engineering team supervises the entire systems and operations management process, ensuring that the established objectives are achieved and that continuous improvements are implemented.

Through rigorous evaluation processes, our engineers analyze on a daily basis the best way to improve each of the projects developed, combining ballistic efficiency with the comfort, safety and driving characteristics of the vehicles.

We have a Project Engineering team dedicated to developing products that meet the specific needs of each vehicle’s brand and model. Ensuring precision and standardization in the manufacture and application of ballistic materials for armouring with a high level of protection.

To keep up with the growing demand for armoured vehicle supplies on the market and to offer materials with a high standard of quality, such as Kevlar® e Tensylon™ from our partner Dupont ™ , our engineers have developed the line of armoured glass Graffeno which offers optical comfort and superior transparency.

Our engineers are always in pursuit of new and safer technologies to develop unique armouring projects for each vehicle’s brand and model.

This mission contributed to Volvo Cars’s homologation of CARBON armouring, making us the official global armouring company for the Swedish manufacturer, whose main attribute is safety. The partnership and exchange of knowledge between our engineers and those of other iconic car manufacturers has also resulted in the certification of projects developed exclusively for Toyota, Jaguar ,Land Rover, BYD, GWM and GM.

With this cutting-edge technology and great partnerships, we guarantee the security our customers need to choose their way and enjoy life to the fullest.